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Learning goals and Objectives

  • training of highly qualified in-demand specialists, competitive in the labor-market, possessing the ability of professional improvement, self-development of social and personal competences;
  • development of educational activity, information technologies, systems of continuing education;
  • improvement of educational process on the basis of modern approaches following the priority directions of the state policy in the education field;
  • the system approach towards the organization of practical training and connection of the educational establishment with production being the guaranty of specialists training quality improvement ;
  • scientific and practical approach to the students and the young specialists identity formation process   during industrial training;
  • active training methods introduction directed to the students skills formation (the analysis of production situations; solution of production situational tasks; performance of practical tasks during work practice, business games, etc.)
  • formation of professional and administrative abilities, and also generalization and improvement of professional abilities acquired earlier, creative abilities development;
  • formation diversive, morally mature, creative personality of the student;
  • students relations system development, stimulated by their self-development and reflection of their estimated activity;
  • social protection assurance of staff and students of the college.




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